Friday, July 25, 2014


So often I find myself caught in the endless routines of daily life wondering about the point of it all.  Routines are part of keeping our bodies alive, but I am realizing they can also become distractions from the real business of living.  More and more I see it is the interruptions, the breaks into my routines, that stir up and quicken my soul.  

I don’t want to be interrupted.  

I want life to be easy.  I want to be left alone to do my thing, whatever that may be.  I don’t want to make room for anyone else in my world, and yet it is precisely in the making room I begin to live life to its fullest.  

The irony is heavy, and Biblical.  You must give up your life to save it.  You must give away your life to enjoy it. Holding too tightly to your life is losing it.  A caged bird is only half alive, it was made to fly free.  We were made to share our beauty, to give, not to take all we are able to get.  Daily routine is the silence between the notes of life, the music plays in the interruptions.

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