Tuesday, December 13, 2016

To the Next President

In the United States, the office of the President is far bigger than whoever holds it for any four or eight years. It was purposely designed to restrain those would attempt to be king. While those who run for President are driven by many different ideas and passions, I believe the office gives all who hold it a higher calling than whatever got them there. 
To feel the weight of an entire nation as vast and diverse demographically and ideologically as it is geographically cannot but sober even the most arrogant of souls. Those who enter such an office will find there a heavier burden than they could have imagined. 
To the next President of the United States, may you bear the burden earnestly and humbly. May it sober but not overwhelm you. May it draw up in you the best of all you have to offer to all those who now must look to you for protection and leadership. 
May you become in spirit what you have won in name as President of the people of the United States, in all their beauty, brokenness, hope, and fear.