Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What's the Use?

Sometimes I wonder why anyone should bother to write, or more specifically why I should bother to write. Surely there is nothing new for me to say. Perhaps it is true that what you and I have to say has been said before, but when when we discover something unknown to us, it is new to us. 

There are as many worlds as there are eyes to see, ears to hear, noses to smell, fingers to feel, and hearts to love. What we discover, what we experience for the first time, is new to us even though it is old to someone else. This life is not about finding something no one else has found. It is about sharing what we find and helping those around us on their journeys. 

We are communal beings and our value to each other comes from our willingness to share our hearts and minds. Perhaps we are most valuable when we are most vulnerable. Perhaps we are most valuable when we stand with those who are vulnerable.

Sure, other people in other times and places may say or do what has been said or done, but who else right now, right here can say or do what you and I have to say or to do? Do what you have to do, say what you have to say, and worry not that it has been or will be done or said minutes or miles away.

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